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Class of Fall 2015

We are a group of students with different academic interests, ranging from the sciences to humanities. In the 2015 Fall Semester, we were all members of the Argument in the Disciplines course, in which we learned how to write more coherent arguments within the disciplines of our interest. Not only did we learn about the means of persuasion and patterns of logic, but we also learned the intricacies behind tailoring an argument to a specific audience and discipline. Often times, these intricacies can make a claim significantly more convincing; however, we realize that many writers are unaware or ignore these crucial details. This is why we made this website—to inform, aid and enlighten students from all backgrounds on how to craft an effective argument that truly speaks to their audience. We hope that the guidelines, tips and samples we provide on this website will be useful in your writing endeavors.

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Katherine Cai, Julio Chavez-Montar, Abraham Hang, Eleanore Hendrickson, Carolyn Hill, Rita Hu, Piyush Kumar, Jeff Liang, Katrina Luque, Bryce Morisako, Esther Mou, Phikhanh Nguyen, Yebon Oh, Kyle Osborn, Jung Woo Park, Unzi Park, Brian Villa, Jason Rudberg, Miluska Sifuentes, Yixuan James Zheng