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College Writing 106

Do you want to write better arguments in your chosen major? Are you curious about what constitutes good argument in other disciplines?  This intermediate nonfiction writing course explores written argument in a range of academic fields. You will learn to identify and use argumentative strategies common across many disciplines as well as delve deeply into the persuasive strategies specific to your own field.

Throughout the course, you’ll read discipline-specific arguments, and you’ll write arguments of your own in a range of academic disciplines.  We’ll begin with analysis of an accessible argument written to the general public, which introduces concepts and terminology common to persuasive argument across all academic disciplines, and you’ll write a short practice argument of your own suitable for the general public.

After this grounding in common argumentative strategies, you’ll explore a variety of discipline-specific arguments and audiences, noting conventions and persuasive practices in each field, and you’ll write arguments in those or related fields. You will collect and self-assign discipline-specific readings, and you and your classmates will work together in small groups according to the disciplines that most interest you.

At regular intervals during the semester, you will submit work-in-progress status updates on the course project, a long argument in the academic field of your choice.  You will also collaborate with classmates to expand Argument in the Disciplines at UC Berkeley, a website for the campus community presenting argument in a variety of disciplines and information about writing argument in those disciplines.

Want to learn more, do more, or publish your own written arguments? Enroll in College Writing 106 and help the site grow! For more information, contact Dr. Carolyn Hill at