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Field: Psychology

Interviewee: Ben Swerdlow

“In clinical psychology, mental illness almost always controversial. Therefore, it is important to try to be careful with language. For example, a population which was once labeled as “schizophrenics” are now referred to as “people with schizophrenia.” This is an attempt to reduce stigma and communicate that mental illness is a feature, am encompassing identity.”

Recommended Model: Abravanel, B. T., & Sinha, R. (2015). Emotion dysregulation mediates the relationship between lifetime cumulative adversity and depressive symptomatology. Journal of Psychiatric Research61, 89-96.

Field: Sociology
Interviewee: Professor Edwin Lin

“So the first thing you have to do is to establish what people think they know. In other words, what do people expect? What do people think is going on? And then you have to debunk it, to prove it wrong. And you have to show that what people think is real is not really real. Then you to show what’s really going on with your findings, your data. Then you show that this is actually going on.”

Recommended Model: Davis, M. S., “That’s Interesting: Towards a Phenomenology of Sociology and a Sociology of Phenomenology.”Philosophy of the Social Sciences 1:4 (Dec. 1971): 309-344.