Models in the Math & Sciences

From Students in Geography

Methods, Devin, and a Dresser

The Open Concept Misconception

From Experts in Biology

Locus-Specific Editing of Histone Modifications at Endogenous Enhancers
by Eric M Mendenhall, Kaylyn E Williamson, Deepak Reyon, James Y Zou, Oren Ram, J Keith Joung & Bradley E Bernstein (MIT)

The Rate and Route of Fluid Resorption From the Subretinal Space of the Rabbit
by Donald Frambach, MD Retina Specialist

Viral-mediated RdCVF and RdCVFL expression protects cone and rod photoreceptors in retinal degeneration
by Byrne, L. C., Dalkara, D., Luna, G., Fisher, S. K., Clérin, E., Sahel, J., … Flannery, J. G

Evolution at Two Levels: On Genes and Form45
by Carroll, S. B

Light- and focus-dependent expression of the transcription factor ZENK in the chick retina
by Fischer, A. J., McGuire, J. J., Schaeffel, F., & Stell, W. K.

The Locus of Evolution: Evo Devo and the Genetics of Adaptation
by Hoekstra, H. E., & Coyne, J. A.

From Students in Biology

Optimizing PCR Amplification of Sry Gene for Sex Identification in Ctenomys Sociabilis

From Experts in Computer Science

No Unbiased Estimator of the Variance of K-Fold Cross-Validation
by Bengio, Y., & Grandvalet, Y.