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Literature Review: Math & Sciences


To provide a general overview of the current findings in a particular field, and to encourage further research.


A literature review consolidates previous research and draws conclusions about what needs to done in the future and/or refutes previous ideas. The author should synthesize many sources, especially other research papers, and actually do research. Generally it is a good idea to include figures. 

Generally the structure includes:

General Background Information

This section includes the introduction, an overview of the past, literature that is relevant to your work, an explanation for the purpose of your study, and your hypothesis to be tested.


In this section you will outline relevant theories that impact your study.

Review of the literature on the instruments

Here you will review the instruments or measures you used as part of your study. You need to present evidence that supports why you chose certain instruments over others.


This part is simply a concise summary about the current state of knowledge on your topic and the instruments used.