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Class of Fall 2014

We, the students enrolled in College Writing 106 during Fall 2014, built this website as a repository of examples and advice about written argument for the UC Berkeley student community.  We hope that you will find the contents of value.

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Alex Shin
Political Science Major, Third Year
Alex is a third-year Political Science student at UC Berkeley, specializing in International Relations. He was born in South Korea and came to the States when he was in the 5th grade. Academic interests include politics and economics, especially in regards to how countries interact with each other. His hobbies are playing tennis and basketball, and he isn’t ashamed of being a Lakers fan.


Brandon Thomas
Business Major, Fourth Year
Brandon is a distinguished scholar and gentleman of the highest order. Habits and hobbies include tardiness and debate, respectively.


C.M. Gutierrez
English Major, Third Year
C.M. Gutierrez is an English major at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a transfer student and is currently in his third year. He frequently enjoys non-required reading in quiet places in the evening. Few of his favorite authors are Stephen King, Christopher Paolini, and John Green.


Cesar Ruiz
Economics Major, Second Year
Cesar is a second year at UC Berkeley intending to major in Economics. Ever since high school he has developed a passion for the subject after reading Aftershock by Robert Reich who happens to be one of his heroes. Cesar strives to be the quintessential renaissance man. His current life goal is to become a photojournalist for National Geographic.


Chance Grable
History Major, Third Year
Chance Grable is a dedicated student of History. Chance persistently seeks new and relevant knowledge, and actively searches for opportunities to apply what he has learned. As a history major, he critically examines the circumstances which have brought us to our present reality, and uses them as reference in the pursuit of a desirable future. Chance desires a future in which people are educated on all aspects of their communities and consequently actively contribute. This sentiment is exemplified by his commitment to education and civic engagement.


Connor MacLean
Economics Major and Spanish Minor, Second Year
Connor is a sophomore at UC Berkeley. His role model is Brit Marling, and in general he makes all of his life choices based on her life. Although he intends to obtain a degree in Economics, he is unsure what he would like to do in life. He has considered, among many things, working at the Congressional Budget Office, becoming a screenwriter, becoming a news anchor, and becoming the star of a hit reality TV show, but really doesn’t know exactly what he would like to do.


Genevieve Knock
Human Geography Major, Third Year
Genevieve is a junior studying Human Geography. All she does is look at maps. It is that simple. SIMPLE PIMPLES TRA LA LA. She is a self proclaimed witch and it’s a mystery to all why she has yet to be burned at the stake. Hit her up for some ouija board fun.


Hannah He
Applied Math and Economics Double Major, First Year
Hannah is a first-year intended Applied Math and Economics double major (but if she could without dying, she would also major in Psychology, Philosophy, and Political Science). She likes puppies, Arsenal FC, and Old Bay (as a result of spending most of her life in Maryland, s/o to the East Coast, Old Bay is her bae, etc.) She obsessively watches Criminal Minds and is probably super critical of most people as a result. She also ruined her roommate’s dreams and hopes when she informed her that dill pickles actually come from cucumbers. Her one bad trait is that she says “tbh” too much.


Joelle Shane
Economics Major and Statistics Minor, Second Year
Joelle is a sophomore at UC Berkeley intending to major in Economics. Her birthday is September 24. If she had three wishes, she would turn herself into a vampire and live forever. She is unselfish and would give away the last two wishes. One of her pet peeves is when others stack technology. She plans to make enough money to live comfortably with three or more dogs, four kids, and a horse or two. She’s a complicated individual who is unpredictable. Her birthday is September 24.

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Karen Valencia
Legal Studies, Third Year
Karen Valencia is a third year legal studies major. What she enjoys the most of her major is learning about how law and legal cases have impacted society. Her all time favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. She plans to attend law school in the future and later obtain an MBA as well.


Mari Kong
Environmental Economics & Policy and Psychology Double Major, Fourth Year
Mari is a fourth year, Environmental Economics & Policy and Psychology double major, who really couldn’t argue before taking College Writing 106. She’s really a fan of ignoring a problem until it goes away, and if there was a course at Berkeley in that subject, she’d probably ace it. But, there isn’t, so instead she’s been working day and night to prove that she can argue with the best of them and is excited to share many of those insights with you.


Sophie J Garber
Public Health, Fourth Year
Sophie is a public health major here at Cal. She is interested specifically in biostatistics and community health. She is originally from New England, and has lived in the Co Op community for most of her time in Berkeley.