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Annotated Models of Argument

Below, you will find pieces written both by students and professionals that are considered strong argumentative papers. Students from College Writing 106 have annotated these models to help you see what they considered to be strong argumentative techniques used throughout each paper. Feel free to use these pieces as guides for what a strong argument may look like in that field, and which techniques they utilize. However, note that these are just a few examples of good argument, and that good argumentative papers come in many forms.

Annotated Models in the Humanities

Business – Dear Prospective Haas Applicant

History – A History of Violence

Rhetoric – Cal Greeks: Catalyst for Change

Annotated Models in the Interdisciplinary Studies

Education – The Necessity of Physical Education Requirements at American University

Education – Social Capital and the Education of Immigrant Students- Categories and Generalization

Interdisciplinary Studies – Gaming: A Force for Good?

Annotated Models in the Math & Sciences

Biology – On Gene Selection and Our Government’s Responsibility – Scientific Popular Article

Biology – Optimizing PCR Amplification of Sry Gene for Sex Identification in Ctenomys sociabilis – Scientific Research

Biology – Elimination of Male reproductive tract in females regulated by COUP TF-II

Biology – Locus-Specific Editing of Histone Modifications at Endogenous Enhancers

Computer Science – Blockchain and Health

Annotated Models in the Social Sciences

Economics – Competition and Democracy

Ethnic Studies – Affirmative Action and Faculty in Higher Education

Psychology – Coke or Pepsi

Media Studies – The Negative Effect of Social Media

Social Justice – The Lack of Women in Tech

Social Sciences – The Beholding Eye