Argument at UC Berkeley

A Simple Guide

Argument at UC Berkeley provides common techniques, explanations, and examples to help you write effective arguments in your specific academic discipline. We provide simple tips on effective writing from the humanities to the sciences, and offer insight on how you should write towards your specific audience. This website is your guide to writing a successful persuasive paper.

For a  general overview of the genre you are writing in, we encourage you to start by exploring Arguments by Type and Annotated Models of Argument.

When crafting the strategy for your paper, we encourage you to consider the information in Argumentative Techniques to be sure you are crafting an effective argument.

For advice on common issues in argumentative writing, we direct you to Advice from the Experts.


This website was created by the students of the College Writing 106 course, Intermediate Composition: Argument in the Disciplines, at the University of California, Berkeley.